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Pillow-Like Inflatable Rubber Dam with High Quality to India

Aug 22, 2017

Pillow-Like Inflatable Rubber Dam with High Quality to India Basic Info

  • Model NO.: various

  • Material: Natural Rubber

  • Function: Irrigation, Flood Control Capacity

  • Layout Form: Inclined Rubber Dam or Pillow-Like Rubber Dam

  • Specification: As Drawing Requests

  • HS Code: 5522233

  • Usage: Environmental Protection, Flood Control, Irrigation

  • Color: Blue, Black, Red, Grey

  • Hardness(Shore a): 50-65

  • Style: Air or Water Inflatable Rubber Dam

  • Transport Package: in Wooden Cases

Pillow-Like Inflatable Rubber Dam with High Quality to India Product Description

Inflatable Rubber Dam
As the major products of our company, inflatable rubber dams are produced with advanced technology and
professional experience. Inflatable rubber dam is made of high-strength synthetic fabrics and compound
rubber, anchored in the concrete foundation to form a sealed air bladder inflated with water or air in dry seasons
to store water. In rainy seasons, water or air inside of rubber bladder would be discharged to help release
flood water from river course.

Pillow-Like Inflatable Rubber Dam with High Quality to India Advantages of Rubber Dam
1. Low cost
2. Short construction time
3. Simple structure
4. Easy to manage
5. Strong sealing effect
6. Low resistance to water flow in flood season
7. Perfect seismic performance.


Gas Bladder Classifications of Rubber Dam
1.Press media can be divided into Air -filled and water-filled rubber dams.
2.Press installation can be divided into Pillow-typed and Inclined-wall rubber dams.
3.Solid form into Bolt anchored and Wedge anchored rubber dams.
4.Rubber dam includes rubber bladder and automatic control system.

Gas Bladder Rubber bladder
The rubber bladder is made of strength canvas and rubber layers. The canvas serves as the force-bearing
frame of the dam with good flexural stress resistance and excellent adhesion function. The rubber layers
consist of out-layer, middle-layer and inner-layer to protect the canvas.

Gas Bladder Automatic control system
The automatic control system consists of computer software technology, PLC control technology,
communication and transmission technology and sensor test technology etc. The system can automatically
adjust the inflation and deflation of the tubes according to the water level, which can be used in daily operation
and flood emergency control for the safety of the dam. Parameters can be set and adjusted remotely through
monitoring software for video surveillance and daily management. The system can also be controlled through
mobile phone SMS. One control system can manage several tube dams in a river .

Gas Bladder Application of Rubber Dam
The rubber dam is a novel hydraulic building presented with the development of macromolecular synthetic
material industry, consists of high strength canvas as the reinforced framework and synthetic rubber, anchored 
on the foundation floor to form a sealed bag type. During dry seasons, the rubber dam is filled with water or air
for retaining water to meet with the industrial/agricultural and living water demands; during rainy seasons, the
water or air in the sealed bag can be vented out to ensure the flood draining in the river course.

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