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Palm Oil Package Flexitank

May 27, 2017

Palm Oil Package Flexitank Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Material:4 Layers PE + 1 Layer PP

  • Capacity:16-24cbm

  • Feature:Disposable

  • Industry Use:Transport

  • Suitable for:20ft Container

  • Miq:1 Set

  • Certificates:Ec, FDA, Korsher, Coa, HACCP, ISO

Palm Oil Package Flexitank Product Description

Bulk liquid transport flexitank
5 layers: 4 *food grade PE+1*PP
Capacity: 14000-24000L

flexitank composition
4 food grade polyethylene
1 outer strong PP polypropylene
2'&3'butterfly valve, ball valve optional
Flange combined stainless steel and green plastic

safety Design
3 inch butterfly valve (patents in PRC) firmly fixed in the flange avoiding leakage
Yellow dust cap avoids contamination from any spilled out of the flexitank when loading/discharging
Unique Camlock desinged by our own
Automatic airvent to extract the air≥ 0.01MPA

flexitank types
* Top loading&discharging flexitank
* Top loading⊥ discharging flexitank
* Bottom loading/discharging flexitank

* Steel bar(2.4*0.5*0.028m): 5PCS/set
* Cardboard(2.4*1.5*0.017m): 1PC/set
* Corrugated paper(L: 28m): 1roll/set
* Foam column(white)

Palm Oil Package Flexitank Application ( Food, Industrial products, Non-hazardous liquid chemicals )
Food Industrial products Non-hazadous liquid chemicals
Alcohol liquid base oil plasticizer
Edible oil
Machine oil synthetic
Fish oil lubricating cleanser
Food additives motor waste oil eradicator
Water, juce driling mud oil shampoo
Concentrate oil bunker oil polybasic alcohol
Egg liquid white oil feed additives
Liquid glucose industrial gear oil fatty acid
Syrups mineral oil paper pulp
Saccharose printing oil printing ink
Milk technical oil tall oil
Sauces alkylate silicate

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