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Packing Liquid Bags Commonly Used Methods And Techniques

Jan 09, 2017

In we modern of life in the, container liquid bags has been are is we need of products, and in transport of industry among, container liquid bags is important, and container liquid bags how using, using process in the put not convenient are is we need consider of, Qingdao container liquid bags small series today to everyone share about container liquid bags of using skills and method, hope can on everyone has help.

Flexitank is a new type of storage and transport of non-hazardous liquid cargoes of various software packages. Each container can be placed in a 20-foot container and a volume of 14-24 cubic metres, up to 24000 liters of liquid storage and transportation. In the transport of non-hazardous liquids can replace expensive tanks, drums and other traditional packaging.

Container bag is made of a special liquid food grade large soft bag, storage, transport and packaging (logistics and packaging), three devices in one, for each kind of liquid cargo use compatible materials specially made. Each container of liquid is placed in a 20-foot container and can hold up to 24 cubic meters of liquid cargo. In other words, liquid container bag to turn an ordinary 20-foot dry cargo container into a tool for transporting liquids. Door to door with a 20-foot containers of liquids, for example, the entire logistics process includes: provides a complete range of liquid container bag, packing of goods, arranging transportation, cargo boxes, recycled materials, insurance and other services.