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Oxygen Isolation Flexitank for Wine

Jul 25, 2017

Oxygen Isolation Flexitank for Wine Product Detail

  • Insurance:Picc Product Quality Liability

  • Color:White-Blue

  • Certificate:ISO9001, FDA, Ec, Kosher

  • Capacity:18-24kl

  • Material:Multilayer PE+PP

  • Style:Multilayer

  • Type:Forklift

  • Entry Type:2-Way

  • Specification:24KL

  • Origin: China

  • HS Code:39232900

Oxygen Isolation Flexitank for Wine Product Description

Flexis/ Flexi / flexitank / flexibag/ Container Tank/ Container liner/ bulk liner
Wine flexitank/ EVOH flexitank

PICC product quality liability issued
COA certified

Oxygen Isolation Flexitank for Wine Material:
1. Capacity: 14KL-24KL
2. Structure: Inner multilayer PE + 1 out layer PP
with EVOH layer added inside for oxygen isolation

Spc: 4*0.125mm foodgrade MLDPE Films
PP Layer: 180GSM PP Fabric Woven

Spc: 2*0.125mm + 1*0.25mm foodgrade MLDPE Films
PP Layer: 180GSM PP Fabric Woven

Spc: 2*0.35mm foodgrade MLDPE Films
PP Layer: 180GSM PP Fabric Woven
3. Type:
Top loading/discharging
Bottom loading/discharging
Top loading/Bottom discharging

Oxygen Isolation Flexitank for Wine Accessories:

1. Valve
A) Butterfly valve
B) Ball valve
A) Ball valve is sealed more closely and with better resistance to pressure. There is no block when the valve is open, making the liquid flow in and out freely and quickly.
B) In the joint position between internal valve and flexitank, a safety protection device is added, which will prevent inner film layer blocking the valve effectively and make residual liquid the minimum after discharging.
Size: 2"/3" valve

2. Automatic airvent
The special design of airvent could automatically release air pressure when it is more than 0.0065Mpa inside of the flexitank. It would keep the cargo and flexitank safe during loading and transportation.

3.Oxygen Isolation Flexitank for Wine Fabric woven PP
One time integral molding eliminates longitudinal seams thus reducing the risks of defects or failures. Each 10cm out layer reinforcing rib means enhanced physical strength, durability and safety resulting with improved containment.

Usually, flexitanks can be applied in below areas.
(1) Food and beverage: Bulk wine, edible oil, juice concentrate, soy sauce, honey & syrup.
(2) Industrial oils such as all kinds of lubricants, industrial additives, hydralic oils and so on.
(3) Safe liquid chemicals such as glycle, latex, synthetic resin, cleaning agent, disinfectant, glycol etc.

In general, dangerous liquids and nocuous liquids can't be load in flexitanks.

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