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Manufacturer Supply Gas-Filling Rubber Dam to Nigeria

Apr 11, 2018

Manufacturer Supply Gas-Filling Rubber Dam to Nigeria Basic Info

  • Model NO.: Various

  • Material: Natural Rubber

  • Gas Bladder Layout Form: Inclined Rubber Dam or Pillow-Like Rubber Dam

  • Hardness(Shore a): 50-65

  • Transport Package: Packing: in Wooden Cases

  • Gas Bladder Origin: China

  • Usage: Environmental Protection,Flood Control, Irrigatio

  • Gas Bladder Function: Irrigation,Flood Control Capacity

  • Specification: As Drawing Requests

  • HS Code: 5522233

Gas Bladder Product Description

Manufacturer Supply Gas-Filling Rubber Dam to Nigeria Description
Inflatable rubber dams are air-filled or water-filled rubber membranes attached to a concrete foundation. In a filled (or raised) position, they act as a barrier to hold back water to be used for irrigation or to generate hydro-electric power. They can also be used to control flood-water or as tidal barriers between an ocean and a river.
Air-filled or water-filed flexible membranes are attached to concrete to create a permanent, dam or floodgate. Made of high quality U/V resistant Hypalon rubber compound reinforced with high-strength polyester fabric. Flexible dams offer full flood control with the ability to fully open or fully close very quickly. Floodwater or flash flood will spill over the top automatically without additional support or adjustment.
The proposed inflatable dam would divert water so it could recharge Camp Pendleton's aquifer, replacing a metal weir that's clogged with sediment. It would be roughly 7? feet tall and deflate during floods, allowing the waterway to replenish the coast with sand and letting fish pass through.

 Advantages of Rubber Dam
1. Low cost
2. Short construction time
3. Simple structure
4. Easy to manage
5. Strong sealing effect
6. Low resistance to water flow in flood season
7. Perfect seismic performance.

Manufacturer Supply Gas-Filling Rubber Dam to Nigeria Rubber bladder
The rubber bladder is made of strength canvas and rubber layers. The canvas serves as the force-bearing
frame of the dam with good flexural stress resistance and excellent adhesion function. The rubber layers
consist of out-layer, middle-layer and inner-layer to protect the canvas.

Automatic control system
The automatic control system consists of computer software technology, PLC control technology,
communication and transmission technology and sensor test technology etc. The system can 
automatically adjust the inflation and deflation of the tubes according to the water level, which can be used in daily operation and flood emergency control for the safety of the dam. Parameters can be set and adjusted remotely through monitoring software for video surveillance and daily management. The system can also be controlled through mobile phone SMS. One control system can manage several tube dams in a rive .


Application of Rubber Dam
The rubber dam is a novel hydraulic building presented with the development of macromolecular 
synthetic material industry, consists of high strength canvas as the reinforced framework and synthetic 
rubber, anchored  on the foundation floor to form a sealed bag type. During dry seasons, the rubber dam
 is filled with water or air for retaining water to meet with the industrial/agricultural and living water 
demands; during rainy seasons, the water or air in the sealed bag can be vented out to ensure the flood 
draining in the river course.

Do you have canal or culvert work that requires construction dewatering?
The rubber dam will make your canal or culvert projects much easier. They can be effortlessly installed so that you can focus on the project, instead of the dewatering.
1.The rubber dam  have fill ports, so you can easily fill them with any available water source.
2.The pipe loops on the ends of the bags make it easy to get the bags where you need them.
3.The drain ports allow for quick removal.
All of these features will make your next canal or culvert project a breeze!
Once the rubber dam is inflated using the water available on site, the crew goes to work installing the culvert!

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