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Liquid Container Bags

Jun 07, 2017

Liquid Container Bags Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Specification:ISO9001:2000 /FDA/GB9687-88

  • Origin:China

  • HS Code:39232100

Liquid Container Bags Product Description

Material: Plastic(PE- 4 layers of inner PE film and 1 layer of outer PP fabric)
Shape: Folding described
Capacity: 24, 000 liters
Weight: 50kg/piece
Size: 16/18/20/22/24K Liters
Processing way: Blow molding
Liquid Container Bags Production place/Producer: China
The Implementation standards of Products: GB9687-88
Technical Specification: Multi-layered, ultra high tensile, multi-ply, ethylene co-polymers.

Certifications: This tuff tank is made in compliance with the US FDA regulations and ISO9001: 2000 International Quality System Certification

Liquid Container Bags Products Acceptance: General Liquid Products of Food and Chemical Grade(with Non-hazardous Content)

Recommended Use: Single use flexitank for foodstuff, pharmaceutical, chemical or Industrial products.

Quality insurance; Developed from latest ultra high tensile ethylene co-polymers; Single piece construction eliminates longitudinal seams thus reducing the risk of defects and failures; Ethylene co-polymer materials provide stretch and energy absorption properties and the multi-ply Construction provides enhanced physical strength, improves containment, durability and safety (multi-ply (total 5 layers of flexitank) structute: -)Easy to handle, load and discharge; Environmentally friendly. Ethylene co-polymers are fully recyclable and disposal is globally Accepted and recognised by means of incineration or landfill; Hose equipped; 2 inches standard valve fitted; It can be manufactured to accommodate specific requirements.

The advantages of Flexitank:
1. The maximum capacity of Flexitank up to 24, 000 liters, higher by about 35% than using Barrels( Increase Loading Capacity );
2. To replace the traditional Barrels, the Flexitank are only required to pay one-way transportation costs, without recycling empty containers and cleaning processes(Low cost);
3. Reducing the cost of a large number of handling, packaging, and materials management (Quick and Easy Fitting Process);
4. Using the new bags every time, so as to effectively avoid the risk of Pollution(Zero Contamination ).

Transport of available goods: General Non-hazardous Liquid Products of Food and Chemical Grade
. Food:
Wine, edible oil, food additives, Fruit juice, sorbitol, palm oil, soy sauce, Water, Glucose, Vegetable Oils, Tallow, Liquid Sugar, Pharmaceuticals, malt extract, vinegar, etc.

. Non-Food:
Lubricant, additives lubricants, transformer oil, White Oil, tung oil, plasticizer, synthetic resin, detergent, silicate, emulsion, salt solution, glycerol, printing Inks, glycol, herbicide, fertilizer, coconut oil, natural latex, synthetic latex, Concentrates, Rust Inhibitors, Disinfectant, Polyol, Surfactant, Feed Additive, Printing Oil, Propanediol, Polyether, Mineral Oils, Glycerin, Base Oil, castor oil, Industrial Gear Oil, High-oil fatty acids, etc.

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