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How To Correctly Select The Flexitank

Jan 09, 2017

Flexitank is a modern storage and transport of non-hazardous liquid chemical of goods containers. Each a a container liquid bags can just was put placed 20 feet of container within, liquid bags by multilayer of material composite and into, including four layer food level corporate PE within lining bags, plus a layer PP strong wear of woven bags, its volume about for 14 to 24 cubic metres, maximum of can store and transport 24,000 litres of liquid, most ideal to application has container of transport way. Container liquid bags in liquid goods of transport aspects for its convenient, and security, and quick and low transport cost and high carries rate of advantages, widely applies Yu life in the of each field, each a a container liquid bags are can produced huge of role, container liquid bags also often was as overseas of transport, also often was export using, provides has widely of transport platform, save has many of resources and cost. Greatly reduces the cost of customers ' packaging, storage and transport.

When we usually select the flexitank, must be based on the goods they transport to select an appropriate fluid bags, not only because the price effects to choose other types of flexitank, otherwise the consequences will be very serious. When choosing a flexitank, be sure to select the regular manufacturers of products, it is very important.