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Flexitank Heating Pad (FLEXITANK)

Sep 27, 2017

Flexitank Heating Pad (FLEXITANK) Product Detail

Basic Info


  • Grade:Food Grade Flexitanks

  • Inner Layer:4 Layers Food Grade PE

  • Flexitank Outter Layer:1 Strong Woven PP

  • Valve:2 Inch or 3 Inch

  • Insurance:Product Reliability Insurance

  • Flexitank Heating Pad (FLEXITANK) Certificate:Coa, Insurance, Kosher

  • Capacity:16, 000-24, 000 Liter

  • Material:4 Layer PE+1 Layer PP+3 Inch Valve

  • Style:5 Layer Flexitank

  • Type:Suit for 20 Feet Container

  • Flexitank Specification:24000 Liter,Top Load and Top Discharge

  • Origin:Qingdao, China

Flexitank Heating Pad (FLEXITANK) Product Description

1. TS Heating pad
To add heating pad for products of high melting point. At low temperature, product of high melting point would become sticky and is not easy to discharge, therefore when transporting at low-temperature, we suggest to install a heating pad to solve the problem.

2. The heating pad is puted on bottom of the container with a TS Flexitank.
Low pressure steam or hot water is passed through the heater pad hoses to heat theproduct.
The layout and the large heating surface area of the heatbulk ensures rapid and even heat up of the product without "hot spots" or product burning.

Material: EPDM+caoutchouc
Inlet hose: 1
inside diameter: 32mm
outside diameter: 42mm
wall thinkness: 6mm
Outlet hose: 3
inside diameter: 8mm
outside diameter: 16mm
wall thinkness: 4mm
Working pressure: < 0.2M Pa
Flexitank Temperature range: < 150 o C
Heat source: steam (at least half an hour)
Layout dimension: 5.85m × 2.3m
Weight: 25 kg
Package carton
Measurement/pc 220× 40× 20cm

Flexitank Heating Pad (FLEXITANK).jpg