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Flexitank Tank What Advantages

Jan 09, 2017

Liquid bulk transport is a major branch of the transport industry. Over the years, the traditional Coffin and drums are a major mode of transport for bulk liquid transport. But Coffin and drum expensive acquisition, empty, as well as the high cost of maintenance and cleaning often logistics costs remain high, also on the country's resources and the protection of the environment had a negative impact. Thus, a new type of environment-transport of bulk liquids-liquid transport came into being, and with the internationally popular, international liquid logistics industry has become a new favorite.

For non-dangerous goods transportation of liquid products and used flexitank transport than other conventional modes of transport, transport costs and on the means of transport has its own unique advantages:

1, the maximum volume of a liquid of a flexitank is about 24000 liters, with the same tank, but the shipping cost is calculated using standard 20 standard containers, with a tank compared to the high cost of shipping, the price is much lower.

2, tank supply and distribution subject to many limitations, often affects the customer's normal import and export plans, coupled with high inland ferry box shipping and handling costs and increase the burden of the customer. Flexitank is not supply, distribution and geographical and environmental impact, nothing inland across the box, small size, convenient transportation and loading and unloading facilities, efficient and safe.