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Flexitank Selection Criteria And Methods Of Use

Jan 09, 2017

Transport industry in China are is very important of a industry, especially for many of need large transport goods of industry of friends for, container liquid bags as a emerging of transport industry of equipment, for we provides has huge of transport advantage, help we great degree Shang of save has transport of cost, help we more convenient of for variety of non-dangerous liquid of transport, for people in handling goods of when also provides has is big of convenience.

Flexitank has so many advantages, so how do we choose the flexitank, flexitank xiaobian given below and share relevant knowledge, lest you into mistakes.

1, select the flexitank box 30-ton best no more than 3 years of age the flexitank.

2, container status than to comply with rail, road and marine transportation and other physical transport requirements.

3, container grooves on the inside of the door must meet the installation requirements of fluid bag door catches.

4, each door shall be equipped with two intact and effective lock boxes, not deformation or defect.

5, the containers must be clean and dry, including base plate must also be smooth, no pollution.

Flexitank also has a lot of features:

1, flexible: use multiple containers to any combination of different shapes, different sizes of staff quarters, management offices, temporary meeting rooms, dormitories, kitchen and bathroom, and fast.

2, easy container is an integral part of the fabric, using cranes to quickly transport to destination, field erection, day of arrival and removal easier, hanging directly you can walk there, all life can be hung inside.