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Flexitank Research Value

Jan 09, 2017

In the transport industries, flexitank, as one new transport material in recent decades, provides great convenience for our liquid transport, so that we can better improve the transportation of the work environment.

Flexitank is a new type that can help storage and transport of non-dangerous liquid goods of various software packages. Compliance with environmental requirements, product of the raw materials used in the process of no pollution to the environment, all of which can be recycled is recycled. Suitable for marine, automotive and rail modes of transport. Source box relative to the tank and hold tension and so on, used flexitank transport, does not need to consider space covers and box-source shortage, more complete assurance of timely import and export plan for the customer, while customers can also reduce the cost of handling and shipping.

Container liquid bags is a store and transport various non-dangerous of liquid goods of chemical products container, each container liquid bags just can was put placed 20 feet around of container within, liquid bags by multilayer of material composite and into, including four layer of food level PE within lining bags, plus a layer PP strong wear of woven bags, its volume for 14 to 24 cubic metres, maximum specifications of can transportation 24,000 litres of liquid. Flexitank in liquid cargo transport with its convenient, safe, fast, and low transport costs, the advantages of high load factor greatly reduces the cost of packaging, storage and transport of the customer.