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Flexitank Production Concept And Its Cause Of Aging

Jan 09, 2017

With the development of China's transportation industry, flexitank has gradually been our understanding more and more, people understand some characteristics of the flexitank, here to share some characteristics of flexitank and cause of aging in Qingdao, I hope to help you.

Flexitank: a term called flexible container bags, bulk bags, jumbo bags, tons of bags. Also known as t-bag or flexible container bag space bag is a kind of intermediate bulk containers, mainly in the crane or forklift container unit of transport can be achieved, it is easy to ship bulk powder goods, large volume, light weight, easy handling and other features, is a common packaging materials.

Flexitank production concept:

1, container security: the first refers to the intensity of the bag. Planning to thinking about packaging volume, the number of contained components and packaging unit, also consider shipping interval distance and handling times, transportation and shipping method chosen.

2, FIBC storage: the application should be based on the user's premises, reasonable selection of information, a reasonable proportion.