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Flexitank Problems When Exporting

Jan 09, 2017

With the advancement of age, flexitank transport is widely used in our lives, follow the flexitank is also getting better and better, which led to export rate is getting higher and higher, we ask of the flexitank is getting higher and higher.

Qingdao flexitank widely used applications: widely used in bulk packaging and transportation, mainly used in food, cereals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals. rigid packaging bags compared to other, more economic strength and design according to the different needs of best-inch, reasonable use. The transport packaging of mineral products. Save labor cost: in today's rapid rise in labour costs, the use of FIBC automation demand higher, more cost-effective, saving time and work, and to facilitate the transportation and storage of products. Container transport: because unlike barrels or other rigid container, FIBC is foldable, space is greatly reduced, saving transportation costs.

Export considerations flexitank is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1, is the first work to be more precise, less defects as possible, and this point is mainly considered to establish long-term customer relationships.

2 export container has a strict limit, not every manufacturer can do so, is the need to have a strict and complete the procedures.

3, quality should be strictly in accordance with the customer's OEM or customized according to customer needs, because dealing with foreign clients, coupled with complex circulation in the Middle, and if problems are back, you will pay more of the cost.