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Flexitank Laying Request

Jan 09, 2017

As we all know, flexitank transport is now increasing the proportion of dominant market share in the near future, the tank will be replaced. Flexitank is a new modern storage and transport of non-hazardous liquid chemical of goods containers. Each a a container liquid bags can just was put placed 20 feet of container within, liquid bags by multilayer of material composite and into, including four layer of food level PE within lining bags, plus a layer of PP strong wear woven bags, its volume for 14 to 24 cubic metres, maximum of specifications can transportation 24,000 litres of liquid, most ideal to application has container of transport way. Flexitank in liquid cargo transport with its convenient, safe, fast, and the advantages of low transport costs and the high load factors, greatly lowers the cost of packaging, storage and transport of the customer. And the flexitank is simple to operate, and only 1 hour for two people to work can easily do all the loading and unloading of goods, completely eliminating the barrel of goods required operating procedures, save a lot of manpower and material aspects such as costs and expenses incurred, the advantage is more apparent.

Flexitank steps must be taken in the paving:

1, interior cleaning and check of the flexitank.

2, see foreshadowing of the corrugated paper, corrugated paper primarily play a protective role, its role, in fact, is separating the flexitank and wall paper, can also play a role in the buffer.