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Flexitank for Liquid Transportation

Jun 02, 2017

Flexitank for Liquid Transportation Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Grade:Food Grade Flexitank

  • Inner Layer:4 Layers Food Grade PE

  • Outter Layer:1 Strong Woven PP

  • Capacity:14, 000-24, 000 Liter

  • Valve:2 Inch or 3 Inch

  • Insurance:Product Reliability Insurance

  • Specification:20ft Container

  • Origin:China

Flexitank for Liquid Transportation Product Description

-Food Grade
-Suit for 20 FT Container
-Capacity: 16, 000L-24, 000 L
-Product Liability Insurance

This flexitank, one-trip package, is designed for liquid transportation in 20' feet containers. It is conceived as expendable packing for the transportation of not only liquid food products but also of non-hazardous industrial liquids.

TS flexitank type
1) Top Loading & Top Discharging
2) Bottom Loading & Bottom Discharging
3) Top loading & Bottom Discharging

TS flexitank composition
1) Inner Layers PE ( food grade 4 layers*0.125mm or 2 layers*0.35mm)
2) 1 Outer Layer PP (210g with high tensile strength, wearable)
3) 2 Inch or 3 Inch butterfly valve

TS flexitank Accessories
1) Steel Bar (2400* 50*50*0.3mm)_5PCS/ one set
2) Corrugated Paper (L: 3000mm)_1 roll/one set
3) Cardboard (2400mm*1500mm)_1 PC/one set

TS flexitank special design
1) Anti-suction Valve
2) PE Bonnet
Avoids contamination from any spill out of the flexitank while loading or unloading the liquids Protects the Valve.

Assistant Items for Your Special Liquids
1) Heating pad
For easy-crystallized liquids like honey, syrup, palm oil, and animal oil tec.
2) Air Release Valve
For easy-fermented liquids to expel air in the fllexitank generated from fermentation.

Flexitank for Liquid Transportation Insurance:
Product Liability Insurance (The insurance covers losses in product quality)
TS Product Liability Insurance No. 93518457

(1) Food: Wine, cooking oil, juice concentrate, palm oil, soy sauce, alcohol, and syrup.
(2) Industrial oils
(3) Safe liquid chemicals
1. Increase the volume by 40% (save cost by 40%).
2. Save the cost of cleaning. Eliminate risks of product pollution through mixed usages.
3. Doesn't require round trip shipment. Shipping cost can be reduced greatly.
4. Ensure "door to door" shipping.
5. Less loading process.
By burial or fire (economic, easy and meets international disposal standards)

1. TS flexitank Component 4 inner layers food grade PE
1 outter layer Strong PP
3 Butterfly Valve
2. TS flexitank Capacity 16, 000-24, 000 Liter
3. TS  flexitank  Type a) Top Loading & Discharging
b )B ottom Loading & Discharging         
c) Top loading & Bottom Discharging
4. TS flexitank Accessories a) Steel Bar (2400* 50*50*0.3mm)— 5pcs/ one set
b) Corrugated Paper (L: 3000mm)— 1 roll/one set
c) Cardboard (2400mm*1500mm)— 1 pc/one set   
d) Heating Pad (For choice)
e)    Air Release Valve (For choice)
5. TS flexitank Grade Food Grade Flexitank
6. TS flexitank Insurance Product Reliability Insurance (CHUBB INSURANCE COMPANY)
7. TS flexitank Certification a)ISO9001: 2008

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