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Flexitank for Glycerine

Jun 14, 2017

Flexitank for Glycerine Product Detail

Product Description

Product name: Flexitank(Flexible bag)

Capacity: 14000-24000

Flexitank for Glycerine Grade: Food Grade

Structure: Outer1 layer PP+inner 4 layers PE with valve

Type: TOP load&discharge

Bottom load&discharge

Top loadingāŠ„ discharge

Flexitank for Glycerine Accessories: Door baffle, corrugate papter, square steel bar, quick connector, adhesive tape, caution tag

Usage: Our flexitank is suitable for the packing and transporting of all kinds of non-hzdard liquid product in 20ft conatiner such like wine, edible oil, food additives, fruit juice, soy sauce, sugar, vegetable oils, palm oil etc It also can be used for non-food liquid product such as lubricant, additive lubricants, white oil, paraffin etc. At present, our flexitank has been exporting to many countries in the world and gains the trust of customers with its superior quality and competitive price.

Flexitank for Glycerine Quality gurantee: 100%no leakage. Global insurance guranteed

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