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Flexitank for 20ft Container

Jun 06, 2017

Flexitank for 20ft Container Product Detail

Product Description

Flexitank for 20ft Container Product NameFlexitank, aslo Reliance Tank


Unit Piece

StructureHose equipped2 inches international standard valve5 layers structure-- inner 4 layers PE film and outer 1 layer wear-resistant PP fabric

Flexitank for 20ft Container Net Weight50kgs

Carrier 20 standard Container

InsuranceProduct Liability Insurance (Each Flexitank is guaranteed by the China Pacific Property Insurance Company underwriting Product Liability 500, 000 RMB due to product qulity)

Packaging high-strength carton

Flexitank for 20ft Container Unfold Dimension7400mmX4000mm

Outer Packag DimensionL1450mmW570mmH350mm

Standard equippmentmultilayer seamless bulk structureinner 4 layers PE film and outer 1 layer wear-resistant PP fabric2 inches international standard inlet and outlet valve1 meter Hose equipped


Material CeertificationFDA

Processing after using Ethylene co-polymers are fully recyclable and disposal is globally Accepted and recognised by means of incineration or landfil

Flexitank for 20ft Container.jpg