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Flexitank And Packed An Edge Over Which

Jan 09, 2017

Bulk liquid transportation is a major branch of the transport industry. All along, the traditional shipping cans and drums are the main mode of transport. But shipments of tanks and drums, because of their high acquisition, an empty, as well as maintenance and cleaning costs often make the logistics costs remain high, which is also the country's resources and the protection of the environment had a negative impact. Thus, a new economy to new and environmentally-friendly transport of bulk liquids-liquid transport came into being, and with it international popularity, becoming the international liquid logistics industry's new darling.

For non-dangerous liquid product transport, container transport of fluid bag than other conventional modes of transport, transport costs and on the means of transport has its own unique advantages:

(1) each 20-foot container ship 80 up 200-litre drums, each drum 150-200 Yuan to calculate each shipment of containerized cargo packing cost of 12000-16000 Yuan, and now prices are lower than 80 drums of flexitank total price, only packaging costs have been significantly reduced.

(2) if again consider to each 20 feet of container with drums shipment Shi up for 16000 litres, but using container liquid bags of up can loaded to 24000 litres, in barrels loaded of based Shang by needed paid of freight not variable, is can more loaded 8000 litres of goods; in other words, original by needed of 4 a standard box shipment of goods, now only need 3 a standard box on enough has, such on save has 1 a standard box of transport cost and packaging cost, units of freight cost and reduced has many.