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Flexitank Advantages In Application

Jan 09, 2017

1. container accommodation on site there are no special requirements

For example, they do not need to use a combination of location, you do not need to deal with the Foundation, even the mud can also place a container House, box shipped to the scene to put down the source for the external calls can be used immediately, without any need for on-site installation.

2. the container is ready for quick move

Only need a forklift to overall move closer, fluid bag is a Tablet ' trailer and forklift can be long distance moves as a whole.

3. the flexitank service life of at least 15 years, and can be used repeatedly, removal does not require disassembly and no material loss.

A project calculated at 2 years, and to be carried out immediately after the whole or part of a project to move to a new, can do so at least 7 projects, without the need for repeated additional construction, than repeat purchases and build other temporary housing facilities but also economical and efficient.