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Flexible 20FT Flexitank for The Transportation of Liquids

Jun 15, 2018

Flexible 20FT Flexitank for The Transportation of Liquids Basic Info

Flexitank Model NO.: RC

HS Code: 3923290000

Flexible 20FT Flexitank for The Transportation of Liquids Product Description



14,000-28,000 Liters



Top Load &Discharge flexitank

Bottom Loading &Discharging flexitank

Top loading & Bottom Discharging flexitank


4 inner layers food grade PE film

1 outer layer Strong PP woven fabric

3" Butterfly Unity Valve

Flexitank Certificate


1)Quality Management System: ISO9001:2000, ISO22000 supervision

2) Flexitank films fully comply with FDA , European EC, and Kosher 

3)Global Insurance.



Flexitank Accessories

Corrugated Paper (2800cm*150cm )-1 roll/set

Cardboard /Door Baffle (230cm*150cm)-1 pc/set

Steel bar -6pcs

Aluminum Quick Connector

Adhesive Tape , Caution Tag

Our Safty Designs

3 inch Unity Valve---Avoids leakage

Handle valve---Easier to operate

PE bonnet---Avoids contamination from leakage

Anti-suction design---Avoids the PE film being sucked out

Flexitank Assistant designs

Heating pad---Speed up the melting of goods especially in cold weather

Airvent   --Air release



Capacity as big as 28000L

Volume after folded only 1CBM

Food-grade and degradable

Simple structure, the rapid installation

High Strength to gurantee safty

The features of our flexitank

1)Quality Management System:ISO9001:2000 supervision

2)Product Material: FDA,EC standard

3)Insurance: Products Liability Insurance, US$5million

4)Fastest delivery time

5)Can be customized

6)Wide range of capacity:16000-28000 liters

Product that can be loaded in our flexitank( Non-hazdard liquid)

. Food:

Wine,  edible oil ,food additives, Fruit juice,  sorbitol, palm oil, soy sauce ,Water,Glucose,Vegetable Oils,Tallow,Liquid Sugar,Pharmaceuticals,malt extract, vinegar , etc.


lubricant ,additives lubricants, transformer oil ,White Oil , tung oil ,plasticizer, synthetic resin,  detergent, silicate, emulsion, salt solution, glycerol, printing Inks, glycol, herbicide, fertilizer, coconut oil, natural latex ,synthetic latex,Concentrates,Rust Inhibitors, Disinfectant ,Polyol ,Surfactant,Feed Additive,Printing Oil,Propanediol,Polyether, Mineral Oils , Glycerin , Base Oil ,castor oil,Industrial Gear Oil,High-oil fatty acids , etc.

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