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Collapsible Gas Tank

May 23, 2017

Collapsible Gas Tank Product Detail

Collapsible Gas Tank Product Description

6m3 Collapsible gas tanks are made from high-tensile polyester fabric, with a special polyurethane coating on both sides, which have good pressure resistance and. Collapsible gas tanks are specifically designed for the temporary storage of nitrogen, argon, natural gas as well as acetylene, marsh gas. We provide with a variety of accessories, including cam-lock and tri-jam couplings, ball valves, emergency repair kits, line-cleaning devices, hose hoppers.
Collapsible Gas Tank Features
-Light weight, ease operation, low cost.
-Minimum packing size, allowing for better transportation and storage.
-Good decay resistance and flexibility.
-Superior aging resistance ability.
In addition to above specifications, we can designed based on customer requirements.

Capacity Shipping Weight Maximum  Filled  Size  (L× W× H) Folded  Size            (L× W× H) working temperature
m 3 Kg m m  
6 68 3.00× 2.00× 1.00 1.04× 0.70× 0.45 -50~+80

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