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CCS Certified Inflatable Rubber Bladder with Various Sizes

Sep 08, 2017

CCS Certified Inflatable Rubber Bladder with Various Sizes Basic Info

  • Model NO.: D300-2700mm

  • Material: Neoprene

  • Specification: As Requests

  • HS Code: 4001100000

  • Usage: Pipeline Maintance and Testing

  • Model No.: D 300-2700mm

  • Shape: Cylinder and According to Your Drawings or Samples

  • Export Markets: Global

  • Transport Package: in Wooden Cases

  • Origin: HChina

CCS Certified Inflatable Rubber Bladder with Various Sizes Product Description

Pipeline water blocking air bag

Plugging water balloon and known as the pipeline plugging bag, pipe blockage, closed water test balloon, closed water blocking, pipeline plugging airbags, pipe occluder. Plugging water bag is made by an enhanced natural rubber, every blocking water balloon before delivery will tested at 1.5 times the rated working pressure and the corresponding number of tube. In order to ensure the plugging water bag structure strength, we adopt three times in plugging water bag of the rated working pressure of the safety factor.

(1)classification of Pipeline water blocking air bag

i.Water plugging air bag by function:

1, the pipeline plugging operation type: water blocking air bag is mainly used for pipeline maintenance and sealing construction.
2, the pipeline detection operation type: water blocking air bag is mainly used for pipeline closed water leakage detection construction.

ii.Water plugging air bag by use of raw materials:

1, pure rubber type: water blocking air bag with natural rubber, rubber, rubber, butyl rubber, butyl rubber, made of pure rubber.
2, compound rubber: water blocking air bag using a variety of synthetic or natural rubber processing products.
3, skeleton material type: plugging water balloon with polyester, nylon, nylon, aramid fiber fabric is coated on the surface of rubber or other materials processing products.

iii.Water plugging air bag according to molding process:

1, a curing molding process: the water blocking air bag on the curing tank or other curing equipment through a vulcanization molding products.
2, a number of curing molding process: a number of complex water plugging air bag after a cure is not finished, it uses a number of curing process.
3, the adhesion forming process: forming bonded together by a plurality of groups of film sheet with adhesive material connection.
4, heat vulcanization forming process: water plugging bag film by special equipment will be made of high temperature pressure of the adhesive.

iv.Water plugging air bag by shape:

1, round;
2, cylindrical;
3, square;
4, oval;
5, egg shape;
6, hollow cylindrical.

v.Water plugging air bag by using pressure:

1, no pressure: water blocking air bag is suitable for general drainage, sewage and other non pressure pipe plugging.
2, low pressure: water blocking air bag is suitable for general drainage, sewage and other pipeline acceptance test.
3, medium pressure: water blocking air bag is suitable for the repair of water supply pipeline operation.
4, high pressure: water plugging bag is suitable for oil and other pressure pipeline maintenance.

(2)Gas Bladder Method of use:
Put plug into the need to plug the pipe mouth and the length of the pipe is put into the length of the plug.then through the intake valve rushed into the compressed air to the required pressure can be constructed. After the completion of construction after open the inlet valve to release air, remove plug.

(3)Test should be used to block the water, the capsule specifications should be tested with the pipe supporting, various specifications of the capsule must be used in the corresponding pipeline, The test procedure is as follows:

preparation: first closed water blocking inflatable combination device accessories as tools to check the leakage. The capsules were placed on the bucket full of water in and hold, Pump to the inflatable capsule,Check the leak of the capsule.

open riser inspection hole, put closed water blocking from the mouth slowly upward into about 0.5m, and then inflate the capsules, the capsule and the inner wall of the tube are closely contacted with the water without leakage. The operator in the lower layer. Note, the capsule to avoid on the riser pipe joints. The reason: 1. The inner wall of the place has a joint, which affects the tightness of water tight. 2.Capsule to the side of the expansion, the pressure does not go up, if continue to inflate, the capsule will be broken. For the cast iron drainage pipe, clean with sand cleaning , flat wall, not allowed to have burrs, otherwise it will affect water plugging, even piercing the capsule.

in the floor of the mouth (can also be in check) to floor height and check pipes and fittings interface one by one,If there is a leak, make a mark, repair after drainage; If the flexible interface for the rubber ring, can be in the leakage of the interface with water tight bolt fix. If the pipeline inspection without leakage, it can stabilize the water level, duration 15 minutes, 5 minutes level does not drop as qualified.

(4)The pipeline plugging water balloon deflation, and then slowly out of the capsule, pay attention not to make the capsule damaged.
(5)After removing the pipe blocking water bag, water should be able to quickly walk away, such as slow down, there is a debris blockage in the pipe section, should be promptly cleaned.
(6)Pipeline plugging water balloon method, also can check squatting type toilet leaks. The capsules were placed on the squatting type toilet drainage mouth and inflated, then squat toilet (water level will on edge), if the water level drops that flushing water inlet interface leakage, or squatting type toilet water closed interface, lax, or squat stool is leakage. It is necessary to exclude.

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