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Bulk Liquid Storage Pillow Tanks / Pillow Water Bladder

Sep 05, 2017

Bulk Liquid Storage Pillow Tanks / Pillow Water Bladder Basic Info

  • Model NO.: Pillow Type Water Bladder

  • Usage: Water Storage

  • Pillow Tank Bladder Application: Potable Water, Water, Chemical, Oil

  • Pillow Tank Category: Oil-Tank, Chem-Tank, Aqua-Tank

  • Origin: China

  • Material: PVC, TPU Coating Fabrica

  • Water Tank Material: PVC / TPU Coating Fabric

  • Water Tank Type: Pillow Type Water Bladder

Bulk Liquid Storage Pillow Tanks / Pillow Water Bladder Product Description

DooFlex pillow bladders are normally pillow shaped tanks having low profile, made of heavy duty special application PVC/TPU coating fabric, which gives high abrasion and UV resistance withstand -30~70 oC. DooFlex make 100L to 500,000L capacities pillow tanks. 

Pillow tanks are used for temporary or long-term bulk liquid storage and transportation, suck as water,  oil, potable water, sewage, rainwater chemical spillage waste, dielectric oil, gases, effluents and other liquid. Our pillow tank are in use worldwide for agricultural drought, water collect, disaster relief, farms, hotels, hospitals, refineries, chemical plants, irrigation works, ports, remote camps, exploration and mining facilities,  raw material transportation, wine, raw-food material and other application.  

Bulk Liquid Storage Pillow Tanks / Pillow Water Bladder Specification and Type of Pillow Tanks 

We have OIL-TANK, AQUA-TANK, CHEM-TANK, CARGO-TANK for the different application and liquid containment. Each type pillow tank have light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty three grades raw material to suitable your application.



  • Used for any kind oil or fuel products (Light-duty, Medium-duty, and Heavy-duty).

Bulk Liquid Storage Pillow Tanks / Pillow Water Bladder AQUA-TANK:

  • Potable water pillow bladders -- used for the storing the food-grade liquid goods like drinking water, juices and milk products temporarily and in long term (Light-duty, Medium-duty, and Heavy-duty).

  • Non-potable water storage (Light-duty, Medium-duty, and Heavy-duty).


  • Used for weak acidity and alkaline, chemical products of non organic solvent types, sewage, or fuel(Light-duty, Medium-duty, and Heavy-duty).  


Configuration and Accessories of Pillow Tank Bladders

Fill/discharge valves, quick couplings, air bleed are supplied as the standard assembly. Various inlet and outlet valves are optional. Stainless steel ports also can be equipped upon request. Other design can be made upon customer's request.  Each pillow tank will be supplied together with the repair kits free of charge. 

Fill/Discharge Valve (2'' or 3'')                            Drain Valve (2'' or 3'')                            Air Bleed  

Bulk Liquid Storage Pillow Tanks / Pillow Water Bladder Quality Control


Every pillow bladder goes through rigorous quality control tests including a pressure test and a stress test to ensure a strong and leak-proof product.

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