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Air Inflatable Rubber Bladder with High Performance

Aug 16, 2017

Air Inflatable Rubber Bladder with High Performance Basic Info

  • Model NO.: various

  • Material: Natural Rubber

  • Function: Irrigation,Flood Control Capacity

  • Layout Form: Inclined Rubber Dam or Pillow-Like Rubber Dam

  • Specification: As Drawing Requests

  • HS Code: 5522233

  • Usage: Environmental Protection,Flood Control, Irrigation

  • Color: Blue,Black,Red,Grey

  • Hardness(Shore a): 50-65

  • Style: Air or Water Inflatable Rubber Dam

  • Transport Package: in Wooden Cases

Air Inflatable Rubber Bladder with High Performance Product Description

Contact information
Sales Manager:       Miss Anna Lee
Mobile Phone:         +86-15132836877
Tel:                          86-318-5106277
Fax:                         86-0318-5106277
Website:                  www.prolianz.com
Company:               Hengshui Jianfeng Engineering Rubber co., LTD. 


Rubber dam has two main parts, namely the body is made of a rubber dam and a concrete foundation slab concrete shaped as a rubber tube holder and a control room equipped with several equipment (machines) for controlling expand and collapse of the rubber tube. Weir serves elevate the water level by developing the dam body and lowering the water level by means of deflating the weir body is made of a rubber tube can be filled with air or water.

Water-Inflated Rubber dam prevent business and residential loss of valuable property in the event of flooding.  Flooding is the #1 cause of damage to land and property in the United States, and it strikes with little warning. Water Inflatable Flood Barriers are the ultimate flood defense and can be used by both residential and commercial properties. Using flood barriers to guard your home or business by placing them around the premises will prevent invasive water from damaging your property. 

Critical Infrastructure Protection is the Preparation and Response to serious Incidents in which essential functions may be impacted by disastrous flooding events. Whether your organization is Public Safety, or Private Sector, flooding can cause major disruption to vital operations and downtime, which may result in risk to lives, assets, and future profits.  Most businesses lack a viable response to the threat of flooding; Praetorian Disaster Supply assists your business in responding to this threat and safeguards your assets, both human and material. 

Water Inflated Rubber dam keep your business functioning, reduces damage, and prevents potential injury.  Your operation will be able to withstand a flooding event and rapidly recover.
Air Inflatable Rubber Bladder with High Performance Rubber dam can ensure:
1.Continued performance of essential business functions
2.Ensure survivability of critical equipment, records and other assets
3.Minimize business damage and losses
4.Achieve orderly response and recovery from flooding
5.Assure survivability of your business in most flooding events
are Re-Usable
6.Easily and Quickly Deployable 

Do you have moving water that requires diversion?

You could run a pump, but we have found that using a Rubber dam makes life much easier for you!

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