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500L Liquid Bladder in 1.2mm TPU Materal

Dec 15, 2017

500L Liquid Bladder in 1.2mm TPU Materal Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: 001

  • Type: Bucket

  • Origin: Weifang, Shandong China

  • Flexible Fuel Storage Bladder Material: TPU

  • Usage: Storage

  • Flexible Fuel Storage Bladder Specification: CE, SGS

1. Product Name

Water tank(water bladder/bladders)

2.500L Liquid Bladder in 1.2mm TPU Materal Material


3. Flexible Fuel Storage Bladder Size/Capacity

We can make all kinds of capacity from 100-100000liter. We can also make according to customers different requirement.

4. 500L Liquid Bladder in 1.2mm TPU Materal Shape

Pillow shape/square shape/onion shape(foldable)/Tear-drop shape

5. 500L Liquid Bladder in 1.2mm TPU Materal Color

Blue/army green/orange/grey/sand yellow(can be customized)

6. Flexible Fuel Storage Bladder Thickness


7. 500L Liquid Bladder in 1.2mm TPU Materal Usage

1). Storage and transport of liquid(drinking water and other kinds of non-hazdard liquid product)

2). Bulk agricuture drought

3). Collection of rainwater

4). Public rescue, fire-fighting etc

5). Load fuel, diesel etc

8.500L Liquid Bladder in 1.2mm TPU Materal Advantage

1)Foldable and Mobile, it is easy to transport and saves time when folded.

2)Our water tank can be customized according to car and truck size,

3) Strong and durable, it can be used for 8-10 years and it can suffer hot and cold weather.

4)Vales etc can be customized, so customer can use our water tank to make a system that can suppy water and fuel well.

Potable water bladders built by Guanyu Industrial are perfect for all water storage situations where large quantities of fresh water are needed. These water pillow tanks are currently being used by farmers, emergency response units, disaster relief organizations, hazmat clean up enterprises, wild land firefighter support, FEMA-inspired home potable water storage, rain water collection systems, oil and mining industries, as well as the maritime (ship board use) and defense industries. Guanyu has built thousands of flexible water bladders utilizing Seaman XR-3 PW fabric, approved material, and either Stainless Steel or PVC fill or drain flanges. These collapsible water tanks are ideal for drinking water storage and come in a range of capacities from 25 to 30, 000 US gallons.

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