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4 Inch Flexitank Valve Application

Jan 09, 2017

Life, we used a lot of non-hazardous liquids, is by way of a flexitank for shipping, but the size of the flexitank is there are many kinds, various sizes of flexitank has today flexitank small series to introduce a 4-inch flexitank.

4 inch flexitank is primarily prepared for the 24000L of the flexitank, which has a wide range of excellent, can provide a secure environment, ensure that liquids do not occur to the sputtering out, flexitank and applied as follows:

Flexitank valve and flange in one injection, airtight became more reliable, greatly reducing the possibility of a leakage of the valve. Circle seal of silicone rubber material, with drug-free, corrosion and high temperature three advantages; butterfly's Board adopts hang's shelf structure, high strength, flow area, small flow resistance, residual fluid in the fluid bag less stem with locking function, easy to operate, safe and reliable.