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2017 Newest Oil Liquid Flexitank with FDA Certification

Oct 20, 2017

2017 Newest Oil Liquid Flexitank with FDA Certification Basic Info

Product Description

  • Application: Food, Chemical

  • Material: PE

  • Making Process: Composite Packaging Bag

  • Bag Variety: Back Seal Bags

  • 2017 Newest Oil Liquid Flexitank with FDA Certification Specification: 14-26cbm

  • HS Code: 630532

  • Flexitank Feature: Moisture Proof, Disposable

  • Shape: Special Bag

  • Flexitank Raw Materials: High Pressure Polyethylene Plastic Bag

What flexitank it is?
ADA Flexitank is a new type of soft package for storing and transporting  all kinds of non-hazardous liquid cargoes.Each flexitank can  be placed in  just 20 feet container, Its volume is14-27CBM,Up to 27000  liters of cargo storage.It can replace expensive ISO tank, drums and other traditional  packaging on the no-hazardous liquid transportation.Compared with the traditional drum bulk transportation,  A flexitank can save 35%  of the cost;Compared with ISO tank, special container, flexitank only need pay one-way freight rates, No empty container return freight  and cleaning fee,  and can  effectively avoid cross  contamination of goods to  cut expenses  for loading and unloading,  packaging and material management to meet  the  requirements  of environmental protection and food packaging, The raw materials of our products has no polution on the environment, and used materials can be recycled.It is  suitable for transport by sea,  by rail, by road transport etc,  So flexitanks  has been more widely used in all  kinds of  chemical, oil, food, feed,  agricultural products and  other fields .

2017 Newest Oil Liquid Flexitank with FDA Certification Ada oil flexitank specification: 

Flexitank TypeTop Loading/Discharging
Bottom Loading/Discharging
Top Loading/Bottom Dishcharging
PE&PP1PE + 1 PP (Total 2 layers)
2PE + 1 PP (Total 3 layers)
3PE + 1 PP (Total 4 layers)
4PE + 1 PP (Total 5 layers)
AccessoriesSteel Bar --- 5 pcs + 1 pcs.  6pcs + 1pcs.
Corrugated Paper --- 1 roll/set
Bulkhead ---- 1 pcs/set
Air VentShort Air vent
Long Air Vent
Heating PadElectric Heating Pad
To speed up discharging of easy solidified liquid.
Steam Heating Pad
Lock Cylinder
Elastic handle
Flexitank AdvantageLow Cost: saving freight, cleaning cost etc.
High Capacity: can load 27000 liters cargo
Labor Saving: easier and quicker to operate
Environment friendly: food grade and disposable
ApplicationFood Grade Cargo: Wine,Edible oil,All kinds of concentrated fruit juice
Food additives,Sorbitol,Palm oil,Soy,Rice wine,Spring water,Malt extract,
All kinds of syrup etc.
Chemical Cargo:Plasticizer,Synthetic resin,Detergent,Sanitizer,Surfactant,Polyhydric alcohols,Feed additives,Silicate,Saline solution,Propylene glycol,glycol,Polyether,Alkylating agent,Herbicide,Manure,Natural rubber,Synthetic latex etc
Oil Cargo:Lubricating oil,Lubricant additive,Transformer oil,White oil,Tung oil,Glycerinum,Coconut oil,Hydraulic oil,Industrial gear oil,Castor oil,High oil fatty acid,Oleic acid etc
High Temperature Cargo:various road asphalt,liquid paraffin,waterproof material,High temperature liquid chemical products, etc

2017 Newest Oil Liquid Flexitank with FDA Certification Packing and Shipping:
Packing Capacity in Containers(20GP & 40HQ)
                   Cargo                                       20GP                     40HQ
             Flexibag only                             110 cartons          240 cartons
             Flexibag with accessories        70 sets                 160 sets
 Flexitank's Application:
Food stuffs: Grape Wine,Edible Oil,Fruit Juices,Food Additive,Sorbitol,Palm Oil,Soy Sauce,Yellow Rice Wine,Water,Mineral,Malt Extract and Glucose.
Industrial Oils:Lubricants,Lubricant Additive,Transformer Oil,White Oil,Tung-Oil,Glycerin,,Coconut Butter,
Hydraulic Oil,Gear Oil,Ricinus Oil,High Fatty Acids and Oleic Acid.
Non-hazardous liquid chemicals:Plasticizers,Synthetic Resins,Detergents,Disinfectors,Surface Active Agents,
Polyhydric Alcohols,Feed Additives,Silicate,Salt Solutions,Glycols,Emulsions,Polyether,Alkylating Agent,Fertilizers,

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