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Flexitank in Carton

Jun 10, 2017

Flexitank in Carton Product Detail

Flexitank in Carton Product Description

What is Flexitank?
Flexitank is one of the innovative packaging product for cost-effective liquid transportation. Made of food-grade flexible thermal-plastic material, it can immediately turn ISO 20ft Container into a sturdy liquid vessel after being installed into one 20ft Container.

Why Flexitank?
High Capacity: 16-24 Cubic Meters
Cost-effective: No need to buy / rent high-cost Steel Tank or 20 IBCs. Low labour cost for handling, loading and discharging.
Food Grade: Made of virgin plastic material, compatible with Food Grade.
Clean: Free from Cross-contamination by un-thorough cleaning of Steel Tanks / IBCs.
Easy Ordering: No need to wait for return-transport Steel Tanks / IBCs. Door to door deliverys.
Quick Load / Discharge: Load / Discharge time is greatly shortened than using 20 IBCs.
No cleaning required: Single-use, avoid high cleaning cost.
Safe Disposal: Material is environmentally-friendly & recyclable.

For Which Cargo?
All kinds of Food Liquid and Part of Non-dangerous Industrial Liquid such as Latex, Glycerin, Vegetible Oil, Lubricant, Transformer Oil, Coolant, Ink, Dye, Coating, Domestic Detergent, Cosmetic/Hairdressing/Personal Washing/Personal Cleaning Liquid, Wax, Antifreeze, Disinfectant, Cement Additive, EVA Copolymer, Bio-Diesel, Water Treatment.

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