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Containers-cargo types

Jan 09, 2017

Dry container (DRY CONTAINER), bulk containers (BULK CONTAINER), liquid cargo container, refrigerated containers, as well as some special containers, such as automotive containers, glass containers, hide container.

General cargo containers are the most common container, mainly for the transportation of general cargo, suitable for all kinds of goods does not need to adjust the temperature using the container, generally called general purpose containers.

Bulk containers are used to carry powdered, granular cargoes and other bulk cargo containers.

Liquid container is used to carry containers of liquid cargo.

Attached is a refrigeration equipment of refrigerated containers and laid on the inner wall of low thermal conductivity material, used to carry frozen, heat preservation, fresh cargo containers.

Is a specially designed car containers used to ship cars, and can be divided into two-tier loading containers.

Livestock containers (PEN CONTAINER) is a specially designed to ship live "livestock container, ventilation, feeding and manure removal device.

Hides a specially-designed containers are used to raw juice leakage properties of goods shipped, double bottom, is stored in leaking the liquid container.