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Container unit

Jan 09, 2017

Container unit, referred to as: TEU, is the English abbreviation for Twenty Equivalent Unit, also known as 20-foot conversion unit is to calculate the number of containers the conversion unit. Also known as international standard container units. Usually used to represent the ship is carrying a container of capacity is also an important container port throughput statistic, the conversion unit.

States the majority of container transport, using two 20-foot and 40-foot-long container. For the unification of the container number, as a 20-foot container units 40 ft container as a two unit to facilitate unified computing operating volume of the container.

In statistics, the number of containers, one term: natural boxes, also called "physical box." Natural box is not the conversion of physical boxes, that is, whether a 40-foot container, 30-foot container, or 10-foot container as a 20-foot container container statistics.