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Container specifications

Jan 09, 2017

International standards

The beginning of container transport, container structures and specifications vary, affecting the flow of containers on the internationally, it is urgent to develop international standards for container in order to facilitate the development of container transport. Standardization of containers, not only enhances the container as a common transport unit on land, sea and air transport of commonality and interchangeability, but also to improve the security of container transport and economy, promoting the development of international container multimodal transport. Meanwhile, the standardization of container back container vehicles and handling equipment provides the basis for the selection, design and manufacturing, so as to make the container transport connection facilities, professional and efficient transport systems. Container standards by using range, there are international standards, national standards, regional standards and the standard four.

Is based on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 104th international standards developed by the Technical Committee to build and use the international standard containers.