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Container-by purpose

Jan 09, 2017

Reefer container (REEFER CONTAINER), abbreviated RF, DRESS HANGER CONTAINER (DRESS HANGER CONTAINER), the open top container (OPEN TOP CONTAINER) abbreviated OT, containers (FLAT RACK CONTAINER), abbreviated FR, tank-containers (TANK CONTAINER) abbreviated TK containers, refrigerated containers, platforms (PLATFORM CONTAINER), ventilated containers (VENTILATED CONTAINER), insulated containers (INSULATED CONTAINER).

Open top container is used to mount the glass plate, steel products, machinery and other heavy goods, you can use the crane from the top of the handling, top open top container or can be opened without a fixed surface. Flat rack container is based around the surface and the metal frame at the bottom of the container, suitable for older, overweight and light cargo. Tank container is determined by the bottom surface and the frame around the tanks and containers, suitable for liquid cargo.

Platform containers are designed for carrying excess goods container, there is a great strength of the chassis, when shipping cargo, container uses several platforms simultaneously.