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Advantages of a flexitank

Jan 09, 2017

(1) first of all, it is a one-time use, after use can be discarded, no additional places to store the fluid bag and clean up, it has not extended costs such as fees, you can save a lot of money. In addition, benefits for single use as well as health and environmental protection, each time with a new fluid bags, effectively prevent the goods from being polluted.

(2) bags compared to the conventional tank, you can load more cargo, more 40% than the original containers, you can reduce the number of containers required, which saves money.

(3) the BULKHEAD can be installed within the fluid bag, equal to a warmer, its highest temperature of 80 degrees. This liquid to temperature required is very good, it can provide special liquid for thermal insulation. This is a traditional tank can't do that.

(4) bags easy, takes only a few people and some pipes will be able to complete the operation, while the traditional IBC tanks and dozens of workers are needed to get things done. Secondly, its handling is very simple. From the top of the valve through a tube containing liquid inside, and then when you need to release the liquid released from the valve through the tube at the bottom.

(5) in addition to any of the above from the benefits of cost savings, liquid bags best of all cheap. Is the price for almost half of the traditional method.