PVC Oil Boom /Oil Spill Response

PVC Oil Boom /Oil Spill Response

Product Details

Flexible tanks for oil spill response are used for gathering, storage and transportation of oil contaminants during oil spill response on the water or ground surface, and one more during planned works on the objects of pipeline type transport.

Advantages of oil spill response flexible tanks:

1. Temporary expenses and labor contributions decrease for the transportation, mounting and exploitation in comparison with usual means of oil sludges removal.

2. Durability thanks to strong materials – fiber glass, polyurethane and working temperatures range -60 – +85 degrees.

3. Equipment compactness and lightness.

4. Preparation works absence for placement on the platform.

5. Corrosion absence.

Accidental oil spills prevention plan

Oil spill response is a multifunctional complex of tasks, which is performed by different ways during the use of different technical means. And the general stage in all cases is the localization of spots to prevent the further pollution of environment.

Oil spill response plan for the vessels

The requirements for oil spill response plan elaboration for the ships are absent in national legislation, but there exists standard, which the marine companies are focused on. Plan has:

1. Cargo types placement scheme in tank vessels with the points of emptiness level in each tank vessel.

2. Data about empty tank vessels.

3. Recommendations or advices about the sequence of cargo loading and unloading.

4. Liquid fuel placement scheme on the ship.

Given plan is corrected correspondingly to the type of cargo and includes a big variety of conditions, individually for each case.

Oil spill response plan for municipal areas

If the oil spill occurred on the ground, the arrangements of earth storages, dam and trenches, and different types of embankments are used. All depends on the size of a spill, its location, time of season and so on.

To prevent accidental oil spill such methods are used:


·Physical and chemical;



During the choice of oil spill response methods and equipment many factors are taken into account, but the main goal remains unchangeable: to perform all the works in short terms in order to prevent inconvertible damage to the environment by the accident.

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