Flexitank with Heating Pad

Flexitank with heating Pad

Product Details

Heating Pad

The use of the heat pad is to evenly reheat the cargo before unloading. The heater pads are made to allow liquids that have a low melting point and easily solidify when subjected to low temperatures, to be discharged using either steam or hot water as a heat source.


At low temperatures, a high-viscous product would become sticky and not at all easy to discharge, therefore when transporting at low temperatures, Shamrock always installs a heating pad to solve this problem. The heater pads are generally designed as a disposable heating pad and are placed the entire length and breath of the container. The heater Pad is placed below the flexitank in order to allow maximum exposure to the heat source. The average time it takes to heat up a container of liquid is about 4-6 hours but this obviously depends on the temperature and specific heat of the actual liquid.


Product Description


Material: EPDM + Caoutchouc 

Inlet hose: 1 

Outlet hose: 3 

Heat source: Steam (at least half an hour) 

Layout dimension: 5.85m× 2.3m 

Weight: 29.5kg 

What products can use HEATIING PAD? 










The heating pad is fitted into the container 

Low pressures team or hot water is passed through the heater pad hoses to heat the product. 

The layout and the large heating surface area of the heat bulked sores rapid and even heat up of the product without "hot spots "or product burning.



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